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You have enough tragedy. You have been bent over long enough. God will do something good in you. He has kept you alive through all those years of infirmity because He had something greater for you than anything you experienced earlier. You be like Esther. Who knows, my sister, you may have come to God's kingdom "for such a time as this" (Esther 4:14).

You may have been abused and misused. Perhaps those you trusted have turned on you and broken your heart. Still God has sustained you. You didn't make it because you were strong. You didn't make it because wise. You didn't make it because you were smart. You made it because God’s amazing grace kept you. He has more for you today than what you went through yesterday. Don't give up. Don't give in. Hold on. The blessing is on the way.

I dare you to realize that you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you (Philippians 4:13). Once the infirm woman knew she didn't have to be bent over, she stood up straight. Jesus told the woman at the well to get rid of her old ways of doing things. He wanted her to give up that old pattern of selfishness. Suddenly she realized that she didn't have what she thought she had. The sinful things she had fought to maintain weren't worth as much as she though they were.

I'm referring to some of those things that have attached themselves to your life and become comfortable for you. Some of those habits you've come to enjoy, some of those relationships you thought you'd found security in, but weren't really profitable. Often we settle for less because we haven't met the best. When you get the best, it gives you the power to let go of the rest.

The infirm woman didn't panic because of her crippling disease. She had been in pain and torment for eighteen years. When she came into the presence of Jesus, she relaxed in Him. She expected that He would take care of her. The result was a wonderful thing.

Rest and Sabbath are the ability to find eternal satisfaction in Jesus. The world will never give us peace and satisfaction. Jesus offers both freely.

If you have struggled, you can find eternal satisfaction. You can find hope for your soul. It is found in the Master of the Universe. He will not deny you because of your past. He will not scrutinize your every action. He will take you as you are and give you rest. He will provide a peace that will satisfy the very yearning of your soul.

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