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 "Cajon High School Senior Class Picture"

"California Polytechnic State University 4 X 400 Mile Relay. Tina Glenn - 1st Leg, Janet Nicolls - 2nd Leg,  Laura Jackson- 3rd leg, and Roxanne Jackson - Anchor Leg"

"Cal Poly Pomona Track and Field Records"


"San Bernardino Valley College Track and Field and Cross Country Team"

"Community Action "On The Wings of FSET Article"

"San Bernardino Sun Newspaper wrote an article on Roxanne Jackson"

 "Community Action Partnership San Bernardino County believed in Roxanne Jackson and sent her to Washington to join the 'No Room For Poverty"

CASA Article here, it was dated November 2009

"Roxanne Jackson responded to a tweet and out of 100,000 tweets her post was picked to be read on the new show, "Sister Circle" the host include - Ms. Quad, Selena, Ali and Kiana!"

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