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My name is Roxanne Jackson and I am the CEO of Jackson’s Kare. I was born in Palo Alto California, and was raised in San Bernardino. My parents are Louis and Verdie Cain and I have two brothers, Joshua and Jesse, and three sisters, Rykellia, Cynthia, and Laura. I have four half-sisters, Deborah, Parmella, Karen, and Darlene. I also have four half-brothers Kenneth Lenard, Kenneth Wayne, Kevin and Cornelius (RIP). I have no children, I have two dogs, Benzeno and Khloe, two birds, Samuel and Samantha, and nine sharks, Grumpy, Sleepy, Happy, Bashful, Sneezy, Dopey, Meanie, Doc and Greedy. I am a serious animal-lover, a skater, bike rider, jogger, love walking on my hands and last but not least, helping God’s people.

Let me walk you through my world, I was a young and a very wild child, full of life. I’ve always been smart, popular, and full of energy, versatile, a quick learner and loved to learn. I have a great sense of humor, funny, understanding, a problem-solver, and can help you with most things. I attended Cajon High school, in San Bernardino, California and became one of the smartest and fastest athletes in the county. I was known as the “Track Star” of San Bernardino, and was awarded “Most Valuable Player” “Most Motivational” and “Captain” three years of the four years I attended high school. I was one of the quickest girl’s in the 200 and the 400 meter run, I was the anchor leg for the 4X100 and 4X400 meter relays. I was awarded, “Most Inspirational” because I inspired people to do their best and to be the best that they can be. I’ve always put people first and myself second. I am a people’s person and I love it.

I then got a scholarship in track and field to California State Polytechnic University and was ecstatic! I enrolled, got settled in the dorms and became a student. As time passed on, I liked the college less and less; why? Because Cal Poly Pomona did not have not one major that I was interested in. Since I was 8 years old I always wanted to work in the legal field and Cal Poly Pomona had nothing to do with the Criminal Justice System.

So I moved back home and started working, as a Juvenile Hall Aide/Counselor. A few years later, I started working for a group home, called, Achieve Residential Center as an educational aide and one-on-one counselor. An after that I then became a Domestic Violence Advocate for Option House. I became a pillar of my community and started helping people across the county. San Bernardino Community Action Partnership of San Bernardino took an interest in me because I was helping so many people with the intake for daily life services. The Community Action Partnership chose me and two other women to fly with their organization to gather for a Nationally Rally on the eclipse in Washington, DC to voice our concerns and support for the “War on Poverty. Prior to that the San Bernardino Sun Newspaper did an article on me, stating that I will be part of thousands of people calling for government action to address and end poverty at the No. Room for Poverty National Rally. It was the best feeling in the world. It was a feeling of appreciation. It was the best reward anyone can have and feel.

As an domestic Violence advocate I was completing the intake for court documents and conducting one-on-one counseling sessions for clients of Option House; and from that day forward I’ve been assisting individuals with  document preparations to whoever needed assistance.  I started helping my friends with daily life human service needs like Cal Fresh, Medical, cash benefits, Social Security, housing, college admissions, financial aid, registration, divorces/separations, child support/custody, contracts, civil suits and all other forms of business and legal services as a 'service' to give back to the community. I helped so many people, that 'the word of mouth' made a major impact on my name and brought me  clients from a far. I was appreciated. I started helping co-workers, supervisors, family members, family member friends, family member friend’s friends, my friend’s friends, the less fortunate/fortunate, and all other individuals. It felt good!

Later on in life, my specialty is assisting veterans, inmates/ex-inmates. Somewhere down the line, Society stop caring about these people. Do not worry my fellow veterans and inmates/ex-inmates, Jackson’s Kare cares! Jackson’s Kare “cares for you”! And that is what led me to my purpose in life and to be determined to continue to helping  God’s people.  I learned that, “Helping one person may not change the world, but it will change the world for that person".  So I decided to go back to college to further my education so that I can be the best that I can be in helping others in their time of need.

So I enrolled at San Bernardino Valley College with a dual-major. I graduated from San Bernardino Valley College with two AA (Associate of Arts) degree, one in Administration of Justice and the other in Human Services. I also earned two certificates, one in Alcohol and Drug Studies and the other in Administration of Justice.  I then transferred to California Baptist University, and fell in love with this university. This college helped me to understand my spirit, not allow anything to put me in a bad way, to appreciate what you have and what you are surrounded with, the gift of love, the spirit to help and the wisdom to follow through.  But most importantly, I learned to humble myself and I feel alive, vibrant, and powerful. And I can do ‘anything’ that I put my mind to. This university help increase my faith, strength, and confidence. It helped me to prepare for the woman that I am today. I graduated with honors with a Bachelor of Science (BS) Degree in Criminal Justice with an emphasis on Behavioral Science and Social Work. During my stay at CBU, the students, instructors, faculty, staff, co-workers, family, and friends kept informing me that I should start my own company, because of the great skills, the attention to detail, my personality and the faith that I have would be perfect to be in a position, to own my own company to continue to help others.  I thought they were crazy at first, and then I started thinking about my purpose in life, my purpose in life is to help God’s people; I’ve already helped a lot of my family members, friends, and others with daily life needs so why not start my own company.While in college I became a Volunteer CASA, (Court Appointed Special Advocate for Children) for the County of Riverside and the County of Alameda, (I moved there for a year). My duty was to advocate for children who were abused, abandoned, and neglected.  I was their voice in Juvenile Court and I knew then, that this was my path to continue to help others.

So it became imperative that I needed to learn how to start a business, how to keep a business running and how to keep it from closing. In order for me to start a company I had to set some goals. Because I love filling out paperwork I needed to go back to school and earn a Paralegal certificate and get involved with some form of a women’s business organization, so that I can learn from the best.

So I first decided to participate in the San Bernardino Women’s Business, “Its Your Time” program so that I can learn from the best in how to start your own company and how to keep your company opened.  It was one of the greatest experiences that I endured. I learned a great deal from the Women’s Business Center.  I earned a Certificate of completion for all requirements for the “It’s Your Time: An Entrepreneurial Training Series for Women”. I am proud to say that I am a part of the Riverside and San Bernardino County Women’s Business Organization and I am so grateful to be a real life, ‘woman business owner’. I then enrolled at the University of California, Riverside, Extension Program. I earned a Paralegal Studies Certificate, Approved by the ABA (American Bar Association) and again, on the honor roll. And at the same time, I earned a Certificate of Career Preparation in Computer Applications – Legal Administrative Professional from Riverside Community College.

I then purchased my Business License, fictitious name, inserted the company in the newspaper (The Voice) for four consecutive weeks, and Wala, “Jackson’s Kare” is opened for business as of November 2015. I had a lot to learn in regards on starting a business, so a co-worker suggested that I go back to Riverside Community college and take some business courses. I re-enrolled at Riverside Community College and majored in business and decided to work on another AA degree and will graduate Jun 2019.I love education and I love to learn; I love helping people and assisting them in any way I can. I will always put people first and everything else second.  I want to help my community by reducing homelessness, by assisting homeless veterans and ex-inmates in a place that they can call home; I want to help inmates and ex-inmates stay crime-free. I want to help reduce the high school and college dropout rate for students by enrolling or re-enrolling the students back in school/college.  I want to help individuals/less fortunate to become self-sufficient and to be able to provide for themselves. And most importantly I want to help them to the path of success as someone has helped me to the road to success. 

Let Jackson’s Kare help you to seek your ‘goals’, ‘your accomplishments’, ‘your aspirations’, ‘your dreams’ and help you to become ‘self-sufficient’ and to keep you on a path to ‘righteousness’ and ‘success’.

Enjoy my website!

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