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Bankruptcy law serves three basic purposes: (1) to solve a collective action problem among creditors in dealing with an insolvent debtor, (2) to provide a “fresh start” to individual debtors overburdened by debt, and (3) to save and preserve the going-concern value of firms in financial distress by reorganizing rather than liquidating.

Duties include: pay close attention to detail, obtaining credit reports; interviewing clients; providing ongoing communication with the client; communicating with other parties, including creditors, debtors, trustees and court clerks; drafting and filing documents required for the bankruptcy process; and last but not least, Legal research, especially of the Uniform Commercial Code.


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Civil litigation is an enormous field of law that seeks to settle disputes between two or more entities that seek compensatory damages or a specific performance. The primary characteristic associated with civil litigation is that cases in this particular field of law do not incorporate criminal sanctions. A civil litigation paralegal is a paralegal who works in the area of civil litigation. Civil litigation involves lawsuits that do not involve criminal law. ... Civil litigation paralegals assist with pleadings, court filings, and organizing documents in preparation for trials.

Will assist in defending the person accused of negligence or causing the accident, and often work for insurance companies. Responsibilities include: Interviewing clients. ... Determining the extent of damage covered by the insurance policy, along with other basic litigation duties.


A contract paralegal works for a consumer, law firm or corporate legal department for a specified amount of time - a "contract" term - as opposed to being a salaried employee of the law firm or department. Might work on contract for a specified amount of time (such as 3 months) or for a specified task (such as helping with the closing of a large commercial real estate deal). Some specialists in a single type of transaction - such as being a notary public - and they will thus contract out their services for that task to different parties. A paralegal may be responsible for drafting and filing forms such as applications for employer ID number, workers’ compensation, unemployment insurance, employer withholding tax registration, sales tax licenses, business-specific licenses; bankruptcy filings; insurance change of beneficiary forms; and forms for changes of ownership on whole life policy.

Duties: Will perform or coordinate numerous corporate law, regulatory and litigation activities, all under supervision of the Chief Legal Officer, including: assist CLO with preparation and organization of corporate minutes, other documentation of corporate action and share register. Monitor on-going litigation and provide assistance as required to retain outside counsel. Assist in responding to third party subpoenas. Provide administrative support to CLO. Drafting correspondence, policies and procedures, and research memoranda. Review and assist with payment processing of invoices from legal vendors. Conduct advertisement reviews. Create reports. Handle special projects, as assigned. Respond to outside counsel requests for company assistance in connection with any representation. Perform other duties as assigned to assist CLO in management of company's legal affairs.


One primary function of the employing law firm is working with clients on estate planning. The estate includes all assets of the client such as real estate, stocks, bonds, and valuable personal items. The paralegal will need to familiarize themselves with processes dealing with estate planning including disposition and valuation of assets.

The other main function of the law firm is dealing with probate. Many times clients wish to have an objective party handle their estate. In these instances, upon a client's death, the attorney may act as trustee over the estate. Other times, they will carry out the instructions in a Last Will and Testament. In either case, the paralegal will have to know how to go through the court process. Handling of documents for court probate appearances, trusts, and probate taxes, are also an important part of the paralegals duties.

The daily tasks preformed is involved with estate planning and probate will often differ. One day may assist at a tax audit, and the next, sit with an emotional family member going over a loved one's final wishes. Will work with many different people from all walks of life in many different situations.


We are involved in all aspects of family law, completing job duties as assigned by a consumer/family law attorney. The duties and responsibilities in family law include: Preparing and drafting motions, pleadings, judgments, statements, documents, and other correspondence (e.g., debt and asset lists, witness affidavits, child support worksheets, responsive pleadings, etc.). Performing legal research. Maintaining consumer calendars and case files. Scheduling appointments, court appearances, and mediation/deposition hearings. Preparing and reviewing discovery packages, including disclosure statements, answers to interrogatories, and production requests

Maintaining effective communication with clients is a major responsibility of family law paralegals.


In fact, much of the day is spent communicating with clients. Because family law often involves emotionally charged issues such as child custody, child support and division of assets, family law paralegals must have excellent interpersonal communication skills and must be capable of handling clients who may be anxious, upset, or distressed.


This, ladies and gentlemen is the most exciting kind of law because you really make a difference in people's lives".  "Being a family law paralegal means that you must be sensitive to people's needs, must care about them, but know enough to know whenthey must stand on their own. “It’s a great field for we as family law paralegals who still believe the practice of law is a service to others, not just a money making endeavor. "I gained a great deal of personal satisfaction by helping others successfully get on with their lives." "It is a wonderful feeling when you've helped someone go from the depths of despair and low self-esteem to a self-confident, independent person with a secure future." For more information go to:, this website will give you a great deal of information on what Family Law Paralegals duties and responsibilities are and how compassionate they can be.


Prisoner rights advocates are people who play a vital role in assuring that inmates across the nation have their rights protected. They are people who dedicate themselves to this cause and work diligently to preserve the law of the land for the free, as well as the imprisoned.

Their main function is to help inmates maintain their constitutional rights. Some paralegals do this kind of work on a volunteer basis, while others make a career in this field.

A prisoner’s advocate is there to ensure that all of the rights of the prisoner are preserved. These include proper treatment of inmates, counseling, and standing up for a beaten inmate who may be afraid to seek help elsewhere, assisting inmates with Appeals, letters of support, character letters and intake for daily life human resources for prisoners that are released from prison. Prisoner’s advocates also assist prisoners with pre-conviction services, pre-sentence reports, and post-conviction remedies.

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