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I Am Thankful to God for "Everything"!

I learned to Share My Faith in Jesus!

I found that when you put God First, it changes your life for the better. I want to share something with you all!

If I don't get on my knees in the morning, my morning will start horribly?

If I don't read my daily bible readings and my bible in the morning, I won't have a good morning.

If I don't pray for the "lost souls" in the afternoon, I will have a horrible afternoon.

If I don't get on my knees at night and pray, I will have a sleepless night.

If I don't attend church on Sundays, will I have a horrible week?

My finances will fold if I don't pay my tithes every two weeks.

If I don't take communion, my month will be a nightmare. All these things bring good things to my life, so I am very thankful to God for "Everything.


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