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Covenant Friendship

Communication happens in unexpected ways between people who need no audible speech. (Me & Rykellia). Their language is a quick glance or a soft pat on the shoulder. Their communication is a concerned look when all is not well. They know what you mean before you even say it. If you have ever settled into the rich lather of a real covenant relationship, you are wealth.

Biblical covenants were the most binding, the most serious and solemn commitments two people could make (Me & Laura). When you are in a covenant friendship, you do not leave. In a truly covenant relationship, you are stuck like glue to your friend.

This is the wealth that causes street people to smile in the rain and laugh at a storm. They have no coats to warm them; their only flame may be the friendship of someone who understands their daily struggles. In this regard, many rich people are poor. They have things, but they may lack deep companionship. The greatest blessings of life cannot be bought. (Me & Cynthia).

Children understand the rich art of relationships. (Lil Cynthia, LaRae, Keena, LauraAnn, Ajay & Jeffrey). Their anger flares for an instant but soon melts in the sunshine of laughter and play. Most adults, however, have been hardened by unforgiveness, created from the remembered pain of what has been spoken against them and stolen from them. Rehearsing offense prohibits friendship. It’s time to be grown up enough to forgive like a child.

Friendship is not a blood relationship (but in this case, it is, because my covenant friendship is Me & Rykellia, Me & Cynthia & Me & Laura), so friends must forge their bond in other ways. It may be through mutual interest, shared passions, or all the lovely little things that bind four hearts together. Friendship is a sanctuary (Me & Rykellia & Cynthia & Laura) carved out of the jungle of a made world, where so many people see each other as prey instead of partners. These people never understand the power and commitment of covenant friendship. But you can.

If you already have a covenant friend savor your days together; if you don’t have such a friend, ask God, the Covenant Maker, to send you a partner of the heart.

And God did, thank you, Father God for sending me Rykellia, Cynthia & Laura, partners of the heart and a phenomenal covenant friendship with them.

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