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Your Right To Be Blessed

Your Right to Be Blessed

Numbers 36:10-12

You have a right to be blessed. The very fact that God has endowed you with ability proves that He has a purpose for you. He gave you the gifting, but you will have to give an account of what you did with it.

Every day is a gift from God. What you do with that day or with your talent is your gift to Him. Have you hidden your talent because someone said you didn’t have it? Did they say it was because you are a woman? That’s ridiculous. You are only limited by your own creativity and concentration.

Many women have suppressed their God-given ability trying to live up to some negative stereotype-the same stereotype God wants them to shatter. You have neglected a right that the Father gave you at great sacrifice. What a price He has paid to give you your inheritance. It cost the Father His Son’s life. It would be like a natural father working all of his life to give his daughter her inheritance, and then have her squander it. Or worse still, refuse to claim it because she is a woman.

Remember the daughters of Zelophehad (see Numbers 27:4-8)? These women challenged the system at a time when women were considered inferior to men. In spite of public opinion, they chose to speak up for their rights, and they got what they wanted.

Many of you are dying from apathy and boredom. You have not challenged life and life has not challenged you. You need to exercise your potential. Gets your blood circulating, Good; spiritual aerobic exercise will start your heart pumping. A stimulating life can even help guard you from mischief and sin When you’re bored, Satan takes the initiative. And you know where that leads.

It is possible to construct an obstacle in your own mind. Don’t be limited by your own tendency to settle for less. If you’re not careful, you will talk yourself out of living. Speak up and say “I need more life in my life.”

The daughter of Zelophehad refused to be wallflowers when they knew had the Father’s favor. Do likewise, Bloom and Blossom and grown in the light of the Father’s love.

Always Give Positive Vibes

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