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Be Proud to be You!

In the theater world, actors and actresses often audition for roles. After that, the person in charge of the production will schedule callbacks. Certain ones who have auditioned will be asked to come back for a second and sometimes a third or fourth audition before they are either given the part or told that someone else has landed it.

A person in the entertainment world knows that he or she has arrived as a star when a director or producer calls and offers them a part without an audition. The candidate is being chosen to fill a role that the director believes is absolutely perfect for that person and nobody else.

God doesn’t deal in auditions and callbacks for His children. He has something for you to do that only you can do. No one else can play the part or fill the role or meet the need. Only you!

If you just want to be “a woman” then you have a lot of competition. But when the call goes out for you, you have no competition. Only you can truly be you. The real you is a composite of what ion on the inside and what is on the outside, and what is on the inside is the more important part.

Wait for the call that is specifically for you. Don’t respond to a blanket call, or a generic call, or a gender call, or a wolf-whistle call. Listen for the call that says, “I don’t want anybody but you because only you will do.” Then respond!

Wait for the call before you decide to marry someone. Wait for that call before you commit to a friendship. It’s the same call God puts on your life. He calls you individually – by name, not by number – to do a very specific job and to fill a very specific role in His Kingdom. Nobody else will do. He has designed you to meet all the qualifications. He hasn’t created any other person who will fit the bill.

You didn’t need to be jealous or intimidated by anyone else because when God calls for you, you are the only one who can answer. You have no contenders in His sight. You are the star He has in mind for the role He has written just for you.

Be who God called you to be!

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