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The way you pray and the words you use and the intent of your heart are all about you. Don't pray the prayer of someone else. God is looking for a prayer that comes up out of your passion, your desire, your emotions, your soul!

We have a High Priest, Jesus Christ, who is only touched by your boldness to come before His throne of grace and cry out with your faith for what you need from him!

You may be weak. You may have failed. You may have sinned. But if you still have feeling toward God and you still have a desire in your heart to see God move on your behalf, then God can still be moved.

God is not moved by what you have. He is moved by how you feel about what you don't have and what you need. He is moved by what you are believing for with your faith.

Go to God today with your need and express your need to Him with the full force of your feelings and faith.

The depth of the trouble you have been experiencing is likely to be equal to the depth of the desire that drives you toward God. The greater your problem, the more intense your fear, the deeper your discouragement, the more you are willing to risk crying out to God.

God's blessing is an overflowing blessing. Give birth to the gifts and the talents and powers and the ministries of the Holy Spirit inside you.

God wants to loose something in the souls of women today. There's something He desires to set free. I believe that today is the day God wants to loose you in your heart, your attitude, your emotions, your praise.

God didn't create you to be static and unchanging. He made you with the ability to grow and to develop and to change and to adapt.

God tenderly and uniquely designed you to be just the way He wanted you to be. He made you for Himself. He made you in a way that can never be duplicated.

We each must get to the place where we hold a high opinion of ourselves solely on the basis of the fact that God made us exactly, precisely, intricately, wondrously, and uniquely the way we are. 

Thank God today for making you exactly the way you are and for transforming me daily into exactly the woman He wants you to be. You are without comparison in His eyes!

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