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Contentment comes from within. It destroys jealousy and celebrates success in others. It doesn’t matter what you die miserable. Whether you are famous or infamous, educated or illiterate, you never learn contentment, you will never be free!

The great gain of the Bible is godliness, which is to continually be our goal; and contentment, which must become the nesting place where greatness is spawned. To be content is to appreciate what God has already given you. Then your gift will bud and blossom and we all eat from the fruit of your wholeness!

We are all students now in the school of life. Heaven is our only diploma. You will learn from everyone. The discerning person learns wisdom from the idiot and folly from the intelligent. You must have the perception to look deeply into life and then apply what you see. You will see that every incident, every feeling, every fear is a class.

I encourage you to learn all that you can. At the same time, understand that you must learn from others without losing the core of who you are. Your essence may be cultivated, but do not allow anyone to mutilate the woman you were created to be. Don’t get lost in the maze of life and end up being something different from what you were designed to be. You are a daughter of the King!

Find people who enhance you rather than inhibit you. Surround yourself with these persons who celebrate you. When you have been with people of quality, they will leave your sails full of air.

You were born like a blank sheet of paper waiting to be written on. You are the canvas on which time will create a collage of experience and faith. You are a melody waiting to be sung. You are prose whose lines are being formed and whose thoughts are yet being gathered. Be careful whose hand etches on your heart and writes in your life.

Nevertheless, I realize that you are not exempt from challenges and distresses. Be prepared for life’s little unexpected events. Whether your challenge comes through failed marriage, moral or physical afflictions, you can still overcome. You are strong and creative, endowed and enabled. Never allow anyone or anything to deplete your confidence in your God. He is a loving Father, and He cares for you. His love is not contingent upon your performance. He has loved you without restriction. And in that love, you can be perfectly content.

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