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People often compared Leah and Rachel, judging the two sisters by what they were on the outside. Not God. He never asks us to compare ourselves with any other person. In fact, it is a slap in God’s face to look at someone else and say, “I wish I were more like her.”

Why? Because God tenderly and uniquely designed you just the way He wanted you to be. He made you for Himself. He made you in a way that can never be duplicated.

When you begin to compare yourself with another person, you are saying, “God You made a mistake. You failed. You could have done a better job creating me.” None of us has the privilege of criticizing God. He is the Creator who looks at each of His created beings and says to Himself, “it is good.”

Some women never cease up to amaze me. They wouldn’t be caught dead in the same dress some other women is wearing. They will experiment with all kinds of hairstyles and makeup to be sure they don’t appear to be copying someone else’s “look”. But they fail to apply that same principle to the way they view their own personalities, abilities, and inner beauty. They wouldn’t dream of copying the way another woman dresses, but they desire to copy the “way she is” and “to duplicate the way she acts”, “to duplicate the way she works”, “to duplicate the type of work ”, “ the way she talks”, “the way she performs”, and the things she owns.

The fact is, everyone is attractive in one way or another. There’s a twofold tragedy related to developing your own sense of beauty. First, you compare yourself to others; and then, you allow others to define what is attractive. It is dangerous to give so much power to another person that their opinion determines your self-esteem.

Get to the place where you hold a high opinion of yourself based on the fact that God made you exactly, precisely, intricately, wondrously, and uniquely the way you are. You are a one-of-a-kind creation for which there is “no comparison”!

God mad you for His own purposes so that you might reflect a unique aspect of His glory. When you cease to compare yourself with others and refuse to be intimidated by what other people think and say, you are then in the position to birth that business, that ministry, that effort to change your community that God intended.

How dare you compare yourself with somebody else. God wanted you to be you. Nobody else. You!

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