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When Eve awakened on the very first morning of her life on planet Earth, she was a wife! Can you imagine waking up beside a man when you've never even seen one? It was the ultimate "sink-or-swim" situation.

It's difficult to do something that's never been done before. Eve didn't have a mother or a grandmother or a female mentor to teach her the basics of marriage. How could she have possibly known how to be a good wife? She didn't even know what a good wife was! No wonder she went for a walk in the garden. She was probably stressed out!

Eve was created without a childhood, without having had the opportunity to be a little girl. She never had to grow up. She steeped right into being a wife and then a mother. She started out not as a baby girl but as a woman. Now in Eve's case, that may have been all right. God had a plan, and He did things His way. But in our world today, there are lots of women who have found themselves being women before they had a chance to be girls. They haven't known what it means to be innocent, to feel free to trust, to receive genuine love.

Life can come at you too fast. Your childhood can be stripped away from you too soon. If the little girl in you has never had the opportunity to be a child, you've been robbed of something precious.

I can't believe what I see when I look around-mothers dressing up their little girls to look like women, with their hair done up and earrings in their ears and lipstick on their mouths...even at four months of age! I tell my daughters, "Be little girls as long as you can."

Whether you had a girlhood or not, you must not use the past as an excuse. You must refuse to blame your past for your present or to let it ruin your future. You can never relive your past. You can't go back and make it different. You are not the person you were then and you are never going to be that person again. You can't go back into your mother's womb. You can't relive your first marriage. Your past is past. Accept that fact; dismiss what used to be; and move on. Let go of anything that is holding you back, slowing you down, or keeping you all bound up inside.

People often hold on to their past because there is something about the past that they think they still need. People who don't let go of things easily have little faith. They cling to things because they fear they will never be able to replace them. They won't give you their last twenty-dollar bill because they're afraid they won't ever have another one.

Don't you know that God has more for you? If you are trusting God for your future, then you have not seen your best days. There's more ahead of you than there is behind you. Let go and move on!

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