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Housing Assistance

  • Hey ladies and gentlemen don’t you want your own apartment, house or condo.

  • Aren’t you tired of living with your parents?

  • Are you tired of living with your girlfriend or boyfriend.

  • Aren’t you tired of living with family members or friends?

  • Aren’t you tired of living with anyone?

  • Wouldn’t you like to live in your own place?

  • Wouldn’t you like the fact that you can find a place that you “can call home”?

  • Wouldn’t you want your own?

When I first got my own spot, I was the happiest girl in town. For years everyone was telling me, you can’t get section 8? You don’t have kids? You don’t have a job? You have to be on the list for 5-10 years before they call your name? You’re not going to qualify? I heard these comments for months. No one wanted me to apply for section 8 or public authority, because they were convinced that I would not qualify. And what made it so cold, ladies and gentlemen, I believed them.

I moved in my first apartment on 42nd Street, the Regency Apartments, and the manager there was very cool and was working with me because I was only a student at the time and was only getting financial aid. The manager, asked me in why don’t I apply for section 8 or public authority? And I informed her that I did not qualify. The manager said, “Who told you that? And I told her friend, family, school mates and the track team. Well guess what ladies and gentlemen, the manager said that I can apply, and can you believe she took me to apply.

And guess what ladies and gentlemen anyone who does not have children, or do not have a job, can apply for Section 8. And I am a witness, I applied. And was anxious in getting my own place and getting assistance in paying my rent through Section 8.I applied and received my section 8 in 45 days and when I tell you I was the happiest resident in the world, I was the happiest resident in the world. I was approved Section 8.

For your information, if someone is not on Section 8, housing, Social security, have not filled out a court document or has no knowledge at all in what you are inquiring about, do not believe what they say, because I had to learn the hard way and find out by someone else that anyone that is less fortunate can apply for housing, social security, welfare and all other daily life human resources.

Come to Jackson’s Kare, Jackson’s Kare can help you get a place that you can call your very own.

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