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  1. Do you want to enroll in college and don’t know how?

  2. Do you want to re-enroll in college and don’t know how?

  3. Are your student loans in default and you are unable to return to college?

  4. Did you graduate from college and did not get a job, and are ready to go back to college to begin another career?

  5. Are you on parole or probation and want to go to college, or truck driving school and don’t know how?

  6. Are you a veteran and interested in furthering your education and don’t know how?

Call Jackson’s Kare! Jackson’s Kare can complete the intake for an individual to enroll in college, truck driving school, and assist in the intake for an individual with a defaulted loan and assist in going back to college. Jackson’s Kare can re-enroll individuals who graduated from college in another major and did not get a job, and help them with a second major to get another job.

Jackson’s Kare can assist veterans with furthering their education or enrolling in college. We can also assist parolees and probationers with felony friendly schools/centers for individuals who are just released from prison or is getting released from prison. JK’s goal is to help inmates stay crime free as well!

Come on down!

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