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Revival is more than a long meeting in a crowded church. People can meet for weeks and not experience revival. Revival occurs when that which was dead is brought back to life. It is the waking up of the cast down. You can have a revival in your spiritual life, your personal life, your financial life, or whatever part of you the enemy has rocked to sleep. Just call on the Prince of Peace. His name is Jesus.

He is the Prince who ignites what life has extinguished. His kiss can awaken the sleeping beauty. One kiss from Him can restore every area of your life, both natural and supernatural. He is the One who can walk into a room and speak to the romance that the enemy is trying to kill. He says, "Damsel, arise!"

If you are in a catatonic state, it affects everyone with whom you are associated. They are waiting to see that there is another woman in you. She is neither timid nor afraid. She is not angry or insecure. She is whole. It is she who must be awakened. There is another woman in you, a gentler, softer, more loving, more giving woman who has been repressed by circumstances.

You need to be loosed and set free. There is another woman who has a key to your destiny. She is courageous and resilient, determined and assertive. The Word awakens that which should have been awake and puts to sleep some of the issues that should have retired a long time ago. This is the announcement that releases you from the long night of repression and guilt. This is the announcement that the nation will feel. It is the blaring sound of an alarm clock shaking with the intensity of its convictions.

To all of you who almost overslept, to all of you who have shed tears and thought you'd missed your chance, to all of you who have ever felt that you were too deeply entrenched in sin, to the damsel whose hair has grayed and whose steps have faltered, to the college student whose willowy arms are full of books and whose heart is full of questions, to all lovely women, young and old, black and white, simply said, but firmly meant, Talitha cumi! "Arise, little darling."It is morning!


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