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Have you allowed God to stand in the bow of your ship and speak peace to the thing that once terrified you? You can only benefit from issues that have been resolved. If you keep your pain active, your power is never activated because your past remains unresolved. If you want to see God’s power come from the pain of an experience, you must allow the process of healing to take you far beyond bitterness into a resolution that releases you and sets you free.

God’s healing sets you free to taste life again, free to trust again, and free to live without the restrictive fore of threatening fears. Someone may say, “I don’t want to trust again.” That is only because that person is not healed. To never trust again is to live on the pinnacle of a tower – safe from life’s threatening grasp, but so detached from life that you soon lose consciousness of people, places, dates, and events. Keeping your distance locks you into a time warp. When you always talk about the past, you do it because you stopped living years ago. Listen to your speech. You discuss the past as if it were the present because the past has stolen the present right out of your hand! In the name of Jesus, get it back!

Celebration is in order. Yes, it is time to celebrate – regardless of whether you’ve lost a marriage, a partnership, or a personal friend. Celebration is in order because you were split from your Siamese twin and you are not dead. You are still alive! (Or at least you will be the moment you decide to be.) Are you ready to live, or do you still need to subject all your friends to a history class? Will you continue your incessant raging and blubbering about that which no one can change – the past?

Step into the present. Your friends will celebrate – and so will your own mind? It has been locked down, tightly tied to dead issues, and it wants to be creative and inspired again! Could it be possible that there are still those around you who want to be a part of your life, now that you have chosen to stop dwelling among the dead and in the tombs?

Perhaps I have been hard on you, but I am only trying to jump-start your heart and put you back into the presence of a real experience, far from the dark valley of regret and remorse. Celebration is available to you. Celebrate now!

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